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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Said Good Bye to Each Other

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Zayn Malik who has upto 30 million fan following on Instagram and 27 million on twitter, has recently broke up with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. They were in a relationship for two years and separated by posting a statement on their twitter accounts.

Gigi broke the news to his fans in the following words:

Zayn Malik updated his fans about the breakup with the following tweet:

Zayn Jawad Malik was born on 12 January 1993, his father Yaser Malik is British Pakistani. In 2016, Malik made his debut on The Business of Fashion‘s annual BoF500 index, which profiles the most influential people in fashion.

In singing he debuted in 2016 with an album named ” Mind of Mine “, and this album was a huge hit and made him a celebrity around the world overnight. He adopted alternative R&B music style that made him famous all around the world. These two given songs have millions of views of YouTube. The consistent effort has made him a real star.

His fashion sense, his fame and his adorable looks made girls gone crazy including Gigi Hadid. According to a, it is told that the reason behind their separation is, that ” Gigi was simply too grossed out to carry on”. but still we can say that they know better who are facing separation because it is not easy to end up a relation of two years just with a social post. This picture shows their closeness.

Image result for zayn and gigiThe best thing is that, no one of them is degrading the other, though it is painful for both of them and their fans.

This is not a good news, but when you have to move on in life then pains of separation have to be lived through.