Zakoota Jin, Matluubur Rahman, of ‘Ainak Wala Jinn’, Passes Away in Lahore

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Actor Matloobur Rehman, aka Munna Lahori, who played the beloved genie Zakoota in the famous children’s television show Ainak Wala Jinn, passed away at the age of 68, DawnNews reported on Saturday.

Rehman was suffering from paralysis and diabetes and had been unable to get proper medical treatment due to financial difficulties.

He leaves behind his wife and five children.

Rehman, who was born in 1949 in Lahore, remained associated with theatre and television for 40 years and became a household name in 1993 when he played Zakoota.

His catchphrase: “Mujhe kaam batao, main kia karun, main kis ko khaon?” (Tell me what is to be done, what should I do, who should I eat?) became immensely popular amongst children.

Ainak Wala Jinn gained immense popularity right after it was telecast and remained a hit amongst children till it was wrapped up in 1996. It remains a Pakistan Television classic. Despite its popularity, however, the cast of the show sank into poverty after the show ended and had difficulty finding work in subsequent years.

Last year, Rehman’s fellow cast member Nusrat Ara, who had played the famous antagonist Bil Batori, had passed away amidst abject poverty. She had suffered from paralysis as well.

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