Zaid Ali gets ‘nikkahfied’ and twitter users are stunned

The social media sensation Zaid Ali has actually tied the knot and surprised everyone who considered this news a prank.

Zaid Ali Tahir, a Pakistani-Canadian comedian is one of the most loved people on internet. He is a 22 year old brown guy who took the internet by storm through his hilarious videos. He has over 5 million followers on his facebook page and that is a massive achievement, frankly. He is a smart and witty person who has achieved a lot at a quite young age. To celebrate his 5 million followers, he even gave out an iPhone 7 and made his fans literally go gaga.

He also got a chance to perform at Hum Awards and took it as an opportunity to make the biggest celebrities of Pakistan amused by his humorous content.

Many are inclined to wonder the reason behind his fame and popularity. Zaid is seen posting homemade videos which are no longer than two minutes. Mostly, the subject is ‘desi life’ and the problems and situations that come along, being a desi person. He also compares white and brown people. His jokes contain messages and are at times thought provoking too. He loves to keep his work simple and follows the motto Simpler is better.

A few days back, Zaid shared a news on his social media accounts stating that he is getting married really soon. Keeping in mind a news from the past, people didn’t lose much of their cool and labeled it as one of his pranks. Many congratulated him and wished him luck for his future.

But, now the news turns out that Zaid has actually got nikkahfied as one of his pictures in twitter speaks out loud. The star is seen wearing a white sherwani and gold waistcoat. Seems like he wasn’t joking after all.

Source: Twitter

The responses after this post at twitter are hilarious. Many girls are found heartbroken where as many have congratulated him for getting thrown into ‘umar qaid’.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Keeping everything aside, we wish him all the best for his future prospects and hope that his life turns out to be a memorable journey.