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Zahri blasts Modi, Barhumdagh over unrest in Balochistan

Quetta: Chief Minister of Balochistan Sana Ullah Zahri, while talking to a gathering, has said that he strongly condemned Indian Prime Minister Nrindra Modi’s statement, here on Thursday.

He recalled the incident of Quetta Civil Hospital bomb blast and reasserted the claim that Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was behind the massacre.

Sana Ullah Zahri accused India of funding terrorists who are hitting Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan.

“We have arrested the Indian agents that claim to be involved in terrorist activities in all the provinces of Pakistan”, claimed the Balochistan CM.

He asserted that innocent lawyers and journalists had been killed in Balochistan Civil Hospital bomb blast.

Separately, the Balochistan CM added that Barhumdagh Bugti lauded the Indian PM’s statement which was evidence that Bahumdagh was a treacherous person and had sold its Muslim-hood for some pennies.

“Bahumdagh Bugti, either you are not a Muslim or you have left the Muslim-hood”, said the Balochistan CM.

The people, who were talking about the progress, have dispersed bloodshed everywhere, he added without naming them.

Additionally, he condemned Indian government’s 35-day long curfew imposition in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK).

The CM Balochistan further informed that he has lost his son and daughter for Pakistan.

“I and my ancestors were not cowards as we have been authorized for Balochistan for over a thousand years,” he asserted.

He went on to say that he would bring the terrorists out of their dens and destroy them.