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YOUTUBE video streaming is not working

YOUTUBE is down at the moment with thousands of users saying the video streaming site is not working for them.

YouTube is suffering outages at the moment with thousands of users reporting issues on Downdetector.It appears that the popular video streaming site went offline around 2 pm with thousands off users unable to access content.Social media sites were flooded with complaints, with streams of YouTube users in the US and UK saying the Google-owned site was not working for them.Independent website Down Detector, which measures social mentions around a certain topic to track outages across the globe, shows problems throughout the UK and Europe.

YouTube down reports on Downdetector

Downdetector heatmap showing areas where YouTube users are experiencing outages

Almost two-thirds of users reported having issues with watching videos on YouTube.

Downdetector stats also showed 28 percent of YouTube users having issues with simply viewing the website and nine per cent having login issues.

More than 15,000 users in the UK have reported issues with the site, and it comes a week after another outage hit YouTube.

The outage began around 2 pm and the number of users reporting issues with the site has rapidly increased since then.

YouTube users flooded social media site Twitter with complaints, sharing pictures of error pages appearing with the message “500 Internal Server Error”.

The official YouTube Twitter account is yet to comment on the outages, and neither has the official Google Twitter account.

It is currently unclear what is causing the issues or when the service will be back online.

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