Young generation should be cautious for 5th generation war

Islamabad, December 15 (Online): Minister of State for Interior ,Shahryar Afridi warned younger generation to beware of fifth generation war unleashed by enemy to divide Pakistani nation on linguistic, ethnic and sectarian basis.
Addressing a yearly gathering of International Relations alumni here at University of Peshawar, the Minister said that youth should be flag bearer of Pakistani response to this hybrid war launched by enemies of Pakistan.
“Youth should take it upon themselves to respond to enemy’s propaganda on all fronts whether it is on social, digital or conventional media. We stand united to foil all sorts of propaganda against Pakistan,” the Minister said.
The minister said that Pakistan had been blessed by 65 percent of youth who would fight Pakistan’s case at all levels as they’re soldiers of Pakistan.
“Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that youth are backbone of Pakistan. PTI government would heavily invest on our youth and all sorts of skills would be imparted as their capacity and skill building,” he added.
The Minister expressed resolve of the government to strengthen Madrassa (religious seminaries) in the country with a view to promote peace and humanity as per Quran education and Sunnah.
He said it was imperative to equip Madrassa with state of the art technology, modern education system so that tomorrow when the seminary students go abroad and speak on education of Holy Quran and Sunnah the world should realize the Madrassa and promoting humanity and peace as sole objective.
He deplored that if the governments sponsor Church and missionary across the globe it is considered good but on contrary sponsoring seminary is considered something unusual.
He said the concept of Madina was in fact about promoting equality in the society where there was no disparity on the basis of gender, religion, language, caste; rather human dignity was the only objective.
He reiterated the government’s resolve to make Pakistan a true Madina like state by promoting human dignity as order of the day and giving equal rights to all without any discrimination.
“Our forefathers supported Englishmen in setting up of missionary schools in Pakistan especially in erstwhile FATA back in 60s; “but when it comes to Madrassas the situation is totally adverse,” he added.