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Young Doctor Association stands again, block Ferozepur road, Band road, Mall road, Jail roads in Lahore

Lahore: Young Doctor Association today block many roads of Lahore including Band road, Mall road, Jail road and Ferozepur road. During the blockage of road on Ferozepur the young doctor chanted slogan against mainstream government.

One of the member of YDA, General Secretary Doctor Saleem said, that the doctor is a highly qualified degree profession in the country. If the doctors are on road something is wrong, basic needs of patients are not available in the hospital. He said that the service we all doctors are providing are not being render back in return.

He further added that the, Salman Rafique who had given words in past to Young Doctor that their salaries would be lift up but the minister has back off from his statement. He added that footages on record are present that the minister announced to increase the salaries. He questioned on the credibility of the government stance.

The traffic on Ferozepur road was block for almost half and hour where the people were getting fried in their car. Watch the exclusive footages on