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Yogi Adityanath, anti-Muslim hardliner to lead India’s Uttar Pradesh state

India has selected an Anti Muslim hardliner Yogi Adityanath who supports Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims, to lead a state with a population of more than 200 million. 

Bharitya Janta Party, which is currently a ruling party run by Prime Minister Modi has choosen Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, which in terms of population is bigger than the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium put together.

The saffron-clad 44-year-old priest has taken charge of one of the most important provinces in the country with a population of 223 million, despite a highly controversial background.

Mr Adityanath has determination to make India a Hindu nation and his anti Muslim sentiments are likely to get encouragement.

His affidavit filed with the Election Commission of India tells he faces possible charges of attempted murder, rioting, criminal intimidation and promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion.

Mr Adityanath praises US president’s decision to ban citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering and has called for India to do the same.

The priest has campaigned for and set up programmes to reconvert Christians to the Hindu religion.

According to Mr Adityanath, Mother Teresa was part of a conspiracy to “Christianise India” and her work with the poor was part of that mission.


He is also the religious head of the Gorakhnath temple which has an extraordinary influence over Hindus, who make up 80% of the state’s population and he was also elected  to the Indian parliament when he was just 26 and has held sway over the region for five terms being head of the institution.

For a reminder, India has the third largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan.