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YDA Punjab holds press conference on issue of doctors being physically tortured

Press conference of Young Doctors Associations (YDA) Punjab was held on Sunday at Jinnah Hospital Lahore on the latest issue of DHQ Sargodha in which doctors on duty were insanely tortured by the goons of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), sitting MNA Hamid Hameed and Lahore General Hospital matter in which doctors were physically tortured.

President YDA Punjab, Dr Ajmal Chudhry said, “Our Demand’s are as follows:

  1. Arrest and launch of FIR’s against involved culprits.
  2. Suspension of district administration.
  3. Reinstatement of illegal and unlawfully terminated doctor.
  4. Provision of fool proof security for on duty doctors for better and secure working environment.
  5. As per service structure agreement all hospitals of Punjab should be declared zero tolerance zones.”

Moreover, he also mentioned about the protest if the demands will not be fulfilled, “If our demands are not met within 32 hours YDA Punjab will announce OPD closure all over Punjab from 25th April, Monday 8am.”

Doctor after being brutally tortured byPMLN MNA people
Doctor after being brutally tortured byPMLN MNA people

Moreover, it was reported by the official social media page of Young Media Association.

It stated: Brutal torture on doctors of DHQ teaching hospital, Sargodha by the men of Hamid Hameed MNA who were lead by a person named Malik Yousuf. Some of the doctors are severely injured including head injuries. Please, pray for them. 50 doctors, nurses and paramedics have been held hostage. Police and district administration is helping the N league goons as usual.

The same official page also then revealed the whole story, “13 days back, brother-in-law of MNA Hamid Hameed namely Abdul Rashid visited emergency ward for Blood Pressure check up, he was attended by Dr. Moazam and requested to lay on bed for check up and examination as BP was high. He refused to lay on account of dirty bed and asked the doctor to vacate his chair for sitting and insisted to check up by standing.”

It added, “There were 4 to 5 outsiders accompanying MNA relative started to torture the doctor. He was rescued by other doctors who came from hostel and there was scuffle again between doctors and PML-N workers. MNA relative called other more than 100 outsider goons who started to beat on duty doctors, lady doctors and make hostages of all doctors, who locked them up in hospital rooms to save their life. After, intervention of DCO, they were evacuated safely after many hours.”

Many doctors sustained injuries, ran away from duties, resulting in suspension of services at hospital. After the assurance of DCO, young doctors resumed duties.

Moreover, it added, “An inquiry committee was constituted and probed incident but assailant doctors were not listened and allegedly recommended to terminate doctor Moazam, on duty doctor in emergency.”


“MS issued termination order of Dr. Moazam as he was PG trainee. Young Doctors agitated against termination of their colleague.
PML-N planned to organize a procession inside DHQ hospital on April 22nd to celebrate termination of doctor, where hundred of outsiders, political workers were invited. These outsiders/political workers attacked doctors working in hospital and started to beaten up. Lady doctors were harassed and their dupatas snatched. Some doctors along with female colleagues hide them in theater.”

“These outsiders broke in the theater and smashed doors and tortured doctors badly. One doctor namely Umair sustained head injury. Few politically recruited employees of hospitals were also accomplice of outsiders and involved in torture. Police was a silent spectator and did not protect doctors despite their request. Assistant Commissioner was present at site but did not intervene. Two senior specialist doctors, Dr Rehan and Dr Usman were also tortured in the presence of police. Instead of protecting them, police arrested these doctors and released later when their colleagues agitated. These workers/outsiders hostages the hospital for many hours and tortured on duty doctor of emergency, consequently, all doctors lady doctors leave hospital to save their life.”

ThePML-N has once again done the same thing and the VIP culture again affected doctors.

YDA Sargodha posted a video and captioned, Please have a look how district administration facilitated organised terrorism and how police is being used by politicians of PML N. What does the silence of this S.h.o tells you? And when he speaks, he points out the culprits. Why CM Punjab is least interested inspite of the fact that poor people of whole Punjab will be denied treatment from tomorrow onwards just because of an adventure of his beloved and corrupt politician.”


Lets see when the government takes notice of the issue.

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