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Government ignores 1992 World Cup hero, Imran Khan; no praise, no celebration

25 years ago in 1992, Pakistan became the world champion of cricket by defeating England. But the government of Pakistan has ignored the landmark achievement made by the Pakistan’s Cricket Board due to its political differences with 1992 team’s captain Imran Khan. No government official has appreciated or thanked the team nor any event has been arranged.

The World Cup of 1992 was the fifth staging of the Cricket world cup organized by International Cricket Council (ICC). It was held in Australia and New Zealand from 22 March 1992 and finished with making Pakistan ‘The World Champion.’

It was the first and last world cup that Pakistan has, so far, won in the field of cricket.

A special video package had been launched by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to venerate the success of Pakistan. The video includes the messages from PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan, Najam Sethi, members of the 1992 team Wasim Akram, Ijaz Ahmed, Moin Khan, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Mushtaq Ahmed but excluded the main hero Imran Khan due to political rivalry.

Imran khan was the captain of the Pakistani team in the world cup. Pakistani squad included: Imran Khan, Aamer Sohail, Aaqib Javed, Ijaz Ahmed, Inzmam-ul-Haq, Iqbal Sikandar, Javed Miandad, Moin Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Rameez Raja, Saleem Malik and Waseem Akram.

The match was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne with the attendance of 87,182 people in the stadium. It was the last ODI of Imran Khan. Pakistan started to bat first and gave a target of 250 to England.

England started to bat and gave some shaky performance. A solid partnership of 71 runs between Allan Lamb and Neil Fairbrother caused Imran Khan to get Wasim Akram in 35th over. The change in the strategy by Imran khan caused damage to England when the strong partnership was broken with the wicket of Allan, followed by Chris Lewis.

Soon Fairbrother was also taken down by Moin Khan. Ramiz Raja caught Richard Illingworth to finish off the final and made Pakistan the champion of Cricket World Cup.