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Working woman and dealing with a difficult boss?

Well, if you are a woman and want to make your career while entering in an office, ladies! brace yourself and be a superwoman to pass through by lecherous bosses.

Working woman in Pakistan has to be strong and patient enough to bear unwanted messages, undesired invitations from bosses, the occasional grope in regard with job promotions, security, financial stability.

Hardest situation for ladies! Resignation is not the solution because it carries the struggle to obtain employment letter, future job hunt in this society where the career building for woman is not a bed of roses along with responsibilities.

More troubles and hardships for divorced women, single mothers, widows as they have to meet the requirements and sometimes to raise their children alone.

And the irony is that such women are more targeted with harassment and pathetic situations at workplace.

In case of denial she is deprived of promotions, increments, bonuses and humiliation before colleagues. Sometimes co workers witness it but they remain silent due to the pressure by senior authorities.

And yes, women! your boss will always tell you that you are not working good and he is paying you or taking care of you because you are a struggling woman. He would hardly appreciate your work and efforts you are putting in your work.

This kind of boss will be highly arrogant with a massive sense of their own worth and as such tend to behave above the rules.He is usually very good at conning people, highly networked and able to seduce people into their webs of deceit often to do their dirty work for them.

But from inside he would never miss a chance to put the offers on the table before you and will always make you realize that you are a weak woman owning so many responsibilities and it will be hard to manage things with such financial status so you need someone strong.

In front of all staff he will pretend like no one is strict on this earth than him in regard of rules and work and most probably he would try to yell at woman more because might be she is pissing her off for another reason.

This is a bitter fact, to make career for a woman in Pakistan is really arduous specially for divorced, single moms and widows.

But point to ponder is that such fancy offers in return of sacrifice of woman’s respect and dignity would be able to fulfill the responsibilities and financial crisis? Women need to think over it.

Undoubtedly money is a big need of this era and today in such modern time period but again…. is this a price of your respect and character?

And until when women will suffer such kind of harassment by men which causes to build barriers in their ways towards success and men even remain unaware of it sometimes?

He does not know why she is constrained to go out for work, he does not know how many responsibilities she has to fulfill. He does not know where his brutal words and such kind of behavior hits her and how she managed anyway? He does not know that what dreams she has seen to make her career and life and how badly such situations crush her dreams into pieces? He does not know that after arguing with him on his “Attractive offers” how much she cried over night and hating herself to be a woman and sometimes wishes to be a man? He does not know how she collected herself and started a new life just to build the career of her child and how this harassment and cunning plannings discourage her? He does not know that her mother is in hospital and she needs to fulfill medical expenses and that is why she is bearing all of this stuff?

Dear bosses! stop thinking that you can harass her and you can fancy her because you have authority, power and money. She is working and she is being paid in return.

Sorry,authority, money and power will not make you a real man.There comes some other terms to be a man for her. Harassment is a tool of weak people and harassment to your employ is way much pathetic than anything else.

There is a law against all this in Pakistan. The Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010, which will be six years old, is a thorough document. The code of conduct included in it defines harassment as “any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favours or other verbal or written communication or physical conduct of a sexual nature, or sexually demeaning attitudes, causing interference with work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, or the attempt to punish the complainant for refusal to comply with such a request or is made a condition for employment”.

Few circumspect said when this law was made, It would take time for its provisions to change the culture of the workplace and  Change comes slowly but a law is a first step.

But unfortunately not much has happened since then. Harassment is still rampant in the workplace (the majority of workplaces have little idea as to what the code of conduct is, let alone of the requirement to display it visibly in employee areas).

Women still regularly report being verbally harassed and even physically assaulted by their superiors who, making calculations regarding their need for a job, their desire to get ahead, their inability to refuse, unabashedly continue with such acts. In the face of unwanted advances, Pakistan’s women continue to find themselves alone, unsure of where to take their complaints and how to protect themselves.

Laws alone cannot change society; Women! You need to stand up for your own self without waiting for someone else.

Few tactics can be opted to deal with such personalities,

Stay calm in their presence and practice ways of looking relaxed even if they put you under pressure.  Taking your emotions out of the situation is a way of dis-empowering them, and they’re likely to move on to an easier target.

He can be extremely predatory, so avoid being alone with them as they may try to use sexual or other physical intimidation, perhaps standing too close, or making suggestive comments.

Always be proactive not reactive: plan what action to take if they do act this way, so they never get the chance to catch you off guard.

They may also try to engage you in a conversation that will make you feel vulnerable and will try to ask vulgar questions which make you uncomfortable, avoid talking about yourself and instead switch the conversation back around to them; ask if they feel OK, that they look a bit stressed.  This will throw them off as it indicates you’ve noticed a weakness in them, which they won’t like.

You are their prey, so you have to be as cold with them as they are with you.

Another thing is you need to stick with your decision and statement in return of his harassment and showing you off a money deal,once he gets hint about your confused statements or changed one he would attack with more strong weapon and plan.

At the end, our society needs to understand, every working woman is out for some reason not to entertain people, so get your work and stop hoping that she would do anything to please you and to fulfill her dreams!