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Work on Beauty


Written by: Mahnoor Zia

Work on beauty. What meaning does this title hold? What sense does this label embrace?
Well, the word “beauty” in this statement mesmerizes a lot. This is a word that can’t be overlooked because of its immense significance. Just for a while, visualize your life without beauty, just eradicate the ingredient of beauty from everything of your life.

Now, how was that glimpse? Is everything was acceptable or satisfactory or in trouble free words, is your life was okay without such a vital module?

Hopefully, your answer might be “NO”. But, the question arises what sort of beauty is going to be thrashed out? Not merely the beauty of woman. The discussion theme is the beauty of everything. Yes, beauty does exist in everything. Each and everything has its own beauty. Even though, a petite portion of an abstract art has its own beauty/prettiness.

Now, let me notify you the different breed or varieties of the beauty:

  • Beauty of nature

  • Beauty of humanity

  • Beauty of an art

  • Beauty of heart

Nearly everyone, of us by any means is conscious about the first three of the above cited forms, but the subject matter is the ultimate pole of those forms i.e., “beauty of the heart”. At this juncture, there is a very famous statement about this, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

And the eye is the window of heart. What you think in your heart it becomes ultimately noticeable in your eyes. So, the meaning of the above cited statement is that actually, beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

Then, the next question is that how does this beauty come? Is it an innate trait or can be crafted by its own? Yes, this can be inherited or can be constructed by oneself. Moreover, as far as the very first question is concerned, then this beauty comes by keep searching for everything beautiful in this world. Beauty is correlated with positivity.

If you stay positive or affirmative in your life, then you will certainly see the beauty in everything. Nothing will irritate, annoy or bother you.

Explore the beauty in every situation even in the worst one.

In reality, this beauty matters a lot for the contentment, glee and perfect living. Now, at this split second all of you are reflecting that how? If you people start to explore or investigate the beauty in everything then I promise, you will eventually become it.