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Wooly Mammoth became extinct due to scarcity of water

London: According to the scientists, the last group of wooly mammoth went extinct because of scarcity of water on the surface of Earth.

The giant elephant of Ice Age era had settled on the remote coast of Alaska and according to scientists, it became extinct five thousand years ago.

The scientists believe that the warm weather had made the lakes shallow so the big animals were unable to quench their thirst. It is estimated that more than half of wooly mammoth animals died ten thousand years ago.

Scientists believe hunting by humans and climate changes have contributed to extinction of wooly mammoth animals.

But the wooly mammoth group, which lived on the island of St Paul in Barring Sea, survived for another five thousand years. The study published after proceedings in National Academy of Sciences shows that the wooly mammoth animals were facing different types of risks which were not faced by other families of animals.

After the Ice Age era, when the earth began to get warmer, the surface of the islands got narrower for the wooly mammoth. This means that some lakes were integrated into the ocean and fresh water resources further reduced.

Now, it’s correct to believe that climate changes will have a similar impact on small islands, resulting in a serious threat to both animals and humans due to lack of fresh water.