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Won’t apologize for saying ‘Pakistan not hell’, says Indian actress

New Delhi: Western Indian state Karnataka’s politician and actress Ramya has said that despite sedition charges, she would not apologize over saying ‘Pakistan is not hell’.

Ramya’s real name is Divya Spandana. She belongs to Congress and is a former member of legislative assembly.

She visited Pakistan on the occasion of SAARC conference held in the capital, Islamabad.

Ramya has been facing sedition charges for saying ‘Pakistan is not hell’ and ‘public belonging to Pakistan is like the public in India’. ‘Pakistanis treated us very well on the occasion of SAARC conference when we went there. Moreover, they are nice and hospitable’.

She stated these words responding to a statement of Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar when he said Indian army has sent 5 militants back and ‘going to Pakistan is like going to hell’.

Thus, sedition charges were registered against Ramya. Later on, she said on a private TV channel that she would not apologize as she didn’t say anything wrong to apologize for and said ‘this is what a democracy is about’.

She added, ‘It’s very easy for me to apologize but it’s not the solution of the problem and sedition charges being misused in India.’

Moreover, sedition charges were also registered against Amnesty International (AI) after which the AI has decided to quit India.

The AI was being accused of raising slogans against Indian state at its convention.