Women Who Love Trump Blame Media for his Bad Reputation

Trump had frequently said that he loves & cherishes women and have boasted that he will be “the best thing that ever happened to women.” For all his indicated affections, most women voters have rejected the Republic front-runner.

According to a recent poll by CNN 74% of all registered women voters hold unfavourable views of Donald Trump (that is the key early advantage for Clinton.

The gap is similarly obvious among the Republicans. Acc to another poll 47% of the GOP female primary voters said that they couldn’t imagine themselves voting for Trump.

Among his many hateful cogitations, women are a constant bull. In his years as the celebrity playboy in NY, Trump has called women ‘’dogs’’ “fat pigs,” “disgusting animals,” and ‘’slobs.’’ He’s objectified, belittled and insulted women on & off the campaign trail.

Still many women firmly stood by their candidate, and describe him in the positive terms as a nice family man who’d be good for women if elected president. The women also added that the media were blowing his comments out of proportion.

A supporter of Trump’s, Lynn Paulus claimed that the media was to blame. Donald Trump’s personal history & background, she added, was the proof of his decency & his good nature toward women.

“I see him as a family man. He has daughters, he has a wife,” said Ms. Paulus. “Do you think they’d put up with something like that? I mean, if I was married to him, I would say, ‘Goodbye! I do not care how much money you have, goodbye!’”

Another women, a Michigan resident who stood in line for over 9.5 hours to see Donald Trump said:

“They show these little clips of Trump saying some kind of remark, so they take all these negativities & they put it on there so a woman viewer who is just clicking around the channels, they are actually believing the despicable media who’re always telling lies,”

“They believe all of that,” she added. “But if they really sat down & went on his website, & read his policies — & I would suggest to the people that are thinking that he is hateful, racist and all of this, come & attend a rally.”