“Women on Wheels”, move for independence mobility surprise the Lahore

By Atiya Riffat

The famed city of gardens on Sunday was lit up with dozens of women taking to Lahore’s roads in the ‘Women on Wheels’ march that bids to reclaim public spaces and independence for women.

Around 700 women have been handed over keys of motorcycles under a project of CM’s Strategic in an event that comprised a tableau as well as the aforementioned rally, including 60-70 women driving their bikes, as the concluding element.

Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, the provincial minister for excise, taxation & narcotics control department, distributed the bikes to dozens of women, following which the ladies took their new rides for a spin from Al-Hamra Hall to Egerton Road in Garhi Shahu.

The event was made all the more remarkable with individuals such as rights activists Nighat Dad and actress Meesha Shafi gracing the event with their presence.

Meesha Shafi, moreover, tweeted her elation at attending the event along with Khadija Siddiqi, the survivor of a brutal stabbing, and who has come to represent Pakistani women’s struggle against patriarchy, and Zenith Irfan, who rode her motor cycle through Pakistan’s scenic but intimidating mountains.

Of the many reasons the women were happy about, perhaps the most important one was that the bikes would make mobility convenient for them.

Moreover, others were glad that this would help break the taboo that women should remain in enclosed in the ‘four walls of their homes’ and couldn’t go out for groceries lest they ignore their children.

Many of the women, both at home and outside participating in the event, took to Twitter to express their celebratory mood.

They  tell the world by their mission that Pakistan is not only safe for commuting but is free from any gender-bias. Their mission is to create a framework where roads in Pakistan are inclusive of all gender, race and kind.