Women Should Be Punished for Getting Abortions, said Trump

On Wednesday, the Anti-abortion groups tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump after he said in an interview with Chris Matthews that the abortion should be banned & that there should be “some form of punishment “for women who receive the procedure.

Donald Trump’s remarks were out of step with what other Republicans said about abortions — namely, that the doctors who do the procedure are the ones who should be punished, rather than women who undergo it.

The Anti-abortion groups often debate that the patients who get the procedure do so out of desperation & regret it later. It is uncommon to hear them say that the women themselves ought to be penalized.

Donald Trump, for his part, later that day walked back his remarks in a public statement. But the punitive spirit of his original remarks is wholly of a piece with types of abortion restrictions that the Republicans have already backed in the Congress & in state legislatures.

The dictionary definitions of “punishment” include “rough, disastrous and severe treatment” & “suffering, pain, or loss that serves as retribution,” all of which seem like fair ways to portray many of the rules that already exist.

Republicans know they cannot flat-out avert women from obtaining abortions — at least not with the current president & Supreme Court — so they have made it as onerous as possible for the 1/3rd of the women who’ll have an abortion at some point in their lives.

In an attempt to elucidate his comments, Donald Trump said that he thinks states to be able to choose if & how to punish the women seeking abortions.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Justice said:

”There is a sorry situation in US, which is essentially that poor women do not have a choice. Women of means do. They’ll, always. Let us assume Roe v. Wade were overruled & we’re going back to each state for itself, well, any woman who could travel from her home state to a state that provides access to abortion, and those states never go back to old ways… So if you can afford a plane ticket, a train ticket or even a bus ticket you can control your own destiny but if you are locked into your native state then maybe you cannot. That we’ve one law for women of means & another for poor women isn’t a satisfactory situation.”