Women Harassment

I am unable to find words to condemn the behaviour of our ignorant and ill-mannered male members of the society. We have heard stories of domestic violence in which females do not dare to report the crime committed against them. This reluctance on part of the females to report the crime and the sustained ignorance of our society has led to another extreme. Now, men are daring enough to hit a woman in broad daylight.

Had there been proper and effective legislation in place, such acts of brutality could not have been taken place. But neither former governments have taken care of it nor we, as a society, took care of it.

Here I want to raise a question, which religion allows this kind of brutality? Where is humanity heading? Why females are considered “worthless”? They are being harassed either physically, mentally or sexually. Why?

We claim ourselves to be the followers of Islam, but I am sorry we are not even close to what Islam stands for and teaches us. Our acts are in the negation of the very spirit of Islam. 

Is that what our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to do? Isn’t that against the very basics of ethics, irrespective of any religion, to touch someone without his/her consent?

Alas, we consider it our right not only touching but hitting others and, especially in the case of women, we consider that beating them up shows our manhood. Such are the ones for whom we use the word “coward”.

This kind of brutality is against the fundamental human rights and the very teachings of Islam. Hitting someone without even listening to them is not the right of any human being at all. 

Before the dawn of Islam, for centuries, there was immense sex discrimination, and newborn girls were butchered, buried alive, drowned, while their mothers were mistreated for having sinned against the family-line by giving birth to a girl. However, with the advent of Islam, females were given rights and respect in all regards.

Such acts of brutality send us back to the stone age in the screams of wounded females. 

A video has just gone viral on social media, in which some men are seen attacking, bullying and brutally beating two women. Such an attitude cannot be tolerated at any cost.

If the women were guilty and people caught them red-handed, they should have been taken to the police station for the due course of legal action. But taking the law into one’s own hands, in such a brutal manner, is not acceptable by any standard or definition. 

We claim that we will be building up a “Naya Pakistan”, but to fulfill this mission we should first focus on “Nayi Soch” (a new thought), and stop these people from doing disheartening stuff.