Woman Jumps out of Moving Car to Save Herself from Taxi Driver

Taxi driver taken into custody for harassing female passenger

Karachi: Driver of online taxi service attempted to harass female passenger. Woman jumped out of moving car. 


A woman jumped out of a car in Karachi earlier today. It is believed that she felt threatened by the driver of the online taxi service.

The woman jumped out in the Shahrah e Faisal area in Karachi earlier today. She jumped out when the car was in motion. The passer-bys that stopped to help the young woman allegedly beat up the driver, claim sources.

Video footage has also surfaced in which the woman claims she felt there was something wrong, that she thought the intentions of the driver were not pure.

According to sources, the Police managed to get there in time.

The police have issued the statement that they are investigating the case. The woman has also been called in for questioning.

The online Taxi driver as been arrested, claims a Police official.


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