Witch-hunting in the Modern India and 21st Century

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Traditions which are practiced in subcontinent for a very long time cannot be eradicated just by mistreating women. In this age of ever-evolving science, witchcraft is not a practice to be taken seriously. But, in India, it’s a different case. People are not only believed to practice this but are also humiliated and harassed by the masses.

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Witch Hunting in Indian is a Serious Human Crisis

In India at the place of Ranchi, 11 people near Jharkand state have been arrested  for maltreating two women who were allegedly involved in witchcraft. They were forced to remove their clothes and walk around the streets. The worst treatment given to them is to nibble on the human waste.

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Women Humiliated for Witch Craft

According to the news of BBC, daughter of the victimized lady talked to media and told that her sixty-five-year old mother was accused of spreading illness in the village.

Moreover, they were also accused of the death of a relative in a nearby village whom they visited few weeks ago prior to the death.

The daughter told ” we were punished the next day, ” and their punishment was so cruel and humiliating. They were taken to cremation where relatives of the dead person urinated on them. Head shaving of females as a punishment is so common that it has become a public ceremony.

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Common Practice for Indians to Shave the Heads of Females in Case of Suspecting Witchcraft

The worst part of the story was that whole crowd gathered there and watched the whole incident without any interruption or action. Poor ladies’ heads were shaved off and were made to walk around the village in utter mortification.

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Cleansing Ceremony of Witches

Days later, police took notice of it and decided to provide security to the ladies without giving any punishment to the culprits.

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Head-shaving is a Common Practice in India to Punish a Female.

Given this situation, the so-called democratic India needs development more than entertainment. Just a thought!