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Windows 10 is getting a speed boost?

Yes, Window 10 is getting a speed boost with a new ‘ Game Mode’.

PC gamers are die-hard of gamers, yet some of them are still not much satisfied by the Windows 10 for a perceived drop off in performance compared to Windows 7.

Now there is a good news for them, Microsoft is promising to optimize game-play with a new ‘Game Mode’ in its upcoming Creators Update.

There are not much information on this yet but according to a blog post by the Xbox team which suggests Game Mode will “optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming…”.

Still Windows Insiders will start to see some of the ‘visual elements ‘ show up on builders in this week-which hopefully available in builds “shortly thereafter”

For now it is difficult to assume that how Microsoft will be improving performance-or to what extant without more details, but there are still few things we can surmise;

Microsoft could make everyone’s life much more easier by introducing a mode where it monitors services and apps that are using too many resources and pauses them temporarily while a game is running.

In fact the company is already does something same with its ‘Battery Saver’ mode, which prevents data pulls in the background. Its also likely the mode could monitor network-hungry apps to reduce latency during online sessions.

On the other hand, its not likely the mode will provide much improvement for power users who already heavily optimized every aspect of their OS; its probably to make life easier for the n00bs out there. Still, the company is calling it a “big update”. Here’s to hoping for some real performance gains.