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Will the relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan finally be restored?

The Afghan president invited the National speaker of Pakistan to restart talks between the two countries and lower the tension between them. On return, Ayaz Sadiq was full of praise for the Afghan leaders and he said that the Pakistani delegation was showed utmost respect and were treated like brothers.

The Pakistani delegation consisted of 15-members parliamentary delegation of top leaders from both houses of parliament.

While the speaker was talking to the reporters in Islamabad he said “Our dialogue proceeded in a pleasant environment. They provided us with every comfort and gave us the respect that is given not only to a neighbouring country but to a brother.”

He added “We saw the desire amongst the Afghan leadership, elected members, and Afghan people was for better relations and nothing else,”

Ayaz Sadiq also said a handwritten letter by Prime Minister has been delivered to the Afghan leaders conveying his condolences over the loss of life of 200 soldiers at the attack on Mazar-e-Sharif base. Furthermore, Mian Nawaz Sharif also promised to share intelligence between the two countries.

The leadership of Afghanistan has also promised that the former president Hamid Karzai and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah will soon visit Pakistan and will restart the broken process of dialogue.

During the meeting, the Afghan leaders thanked the Pakistani people for their hospitality towards the Afghan refugees during the afghan jihad.

The leadership did stress on a “5 principle” approach comprising a prime focus on the state-to-state relations instead of seeking peace with individual groups, honouring each other’s sovereignty, ensuring no use of their territory against each other, agreement on a common definition of terrorism and opening up of transit trade.

Before the parliamentary leaders went for the visit, a top level Pakistan army delegation visited Kabul and held negotiations on security issues.

The army delegation led by Chief of General Staff Lt Bilal Akhbar said, ” terrorists are a common threat and shall be defeated”.

This, however, is a good start in improving relations between the two nations but more will be revealed when the Afghan Leadership comes to Pakistan as promised.