Will Narrative ever become Realism in Pakistan?

PM announced auction to sell luxury cars in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the auction of luxury fleet of cars in PM house – this has been one of the startling news for opposition, therefore, they have pitched in all their resources to criticize. Only if they had delivered the mandate they promised Pakistan; then PM Imran Khan would not have to take such radical steps to counter their corruption and negligence. Besides, implementing strategies to economies the extent of expenses, Imran Khan concurrently rationalized the expenses incurred. His initial decision to scaffold the collapsing economy was his refusal of living in the PM house which has already proved beneficial for Pakistan.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister Pakistan.

Furthermore, the announcement has been made according to PPRA [Public Procurement Regulatory Authority] rules in all National level news papers with the bare minimal conditions to access and inspect the fleet is; a holder of CNIC who bid before 15th September 2018. It is settled mandatory to submit approximately 25 percent of the total value in advance; and the outstanding balance within the 7 days of the auction; upon failing to meet the deadline the 25 % advance will be confiscated.

Moreover, some of these cars being bullet proof; require NOC [No Objection Certificate] from Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the sale is considered finalized only if the bid is higher than the market value of the vehicle. Nevertheless, over-ruling the apprehensions of nepotism and partiality avowed by many as ‘Bandar baant’ in local expression.

Furthermore, a 100 cars fleet included 8 BMW model 2007- 2014; a few are said to be bullet proof as they are intended for the head of states and state guests only.

Subsequently, there are 28 Mercedes Benz models 2005 – 2015. Hence, price ranging from 3 million to approximately 20 million.

In addition, the luxury line includes five 2800 cc cars plus 2 bullet proof jeeps; whereas, many of them are Honda Civic and a few Suzuki cars. 40 HT vehicles are also to be auctioned which were used by foreign delegates only.

The fleet is a white elephant only costing the maintenance to the already collapsing National Treasury.
According to rumors vouched multi-millionaire-Secretary general of ‘Tahreek Insaaf’ Jehangir Tareen has bought all the 100 luxury cars at low cost; the news remains unconfirmed; damaging the essence of the cause, can IK jeopardize his mission, his cause or his friendship?

Nonetheless, the deadline remains 15th September; then how can this deal be settled under the table?
Is history repeating itself?

Is Imran Khan going to relive Muhammad Khan Junajoo’s mistake of selling luxury cars to near and dear ones on much less than half of the price, posing irreparable loss!