Will Mehwish Hayat Play Benazir Bhutto in a Biopic?

BB to be Relived on Screen

Mehwish Hayat is among the most well known faces in our media industry with a trail of highly diverse career. Her capacity to show her personality through her varying roles has left her audience completely startled through her pictures and dramas.

Recently, Hayat shared a photo of her placed with Begum Benazir Bhutto and shared that she idealizes the late BB’s image because of her momentous part in politics. Her valor and quality always made her stand out. She additionally told that she would think of it as a milestone in her career to get a chance to portray the role of BB on the big screen.

Mehwish Hayat paid a tribute to Benazir Bhutto on what might have been her 65th birthday celebration on Thursday. In a recent Instagram post, she confirmed her appearance in a film as the late prime minister.

“We have broken glass ceilings, we have broken the stereotypes, and we have been and keep on going to the additional mile, to be judged by implausible principles, and to be considered more responsible,” Mehwish Hayat wrote.

“Today would have been Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s 65th birthday celebration. It is an ideal time to reflect on her undoubted achievements.”

Hayat finished the post where she indicated, she would portray late BB to the best of her abilities  .

“The sign of a true leader is the heritage he/she leaves behind and the respect with which the general population recall his/her regardless of party allegiances,” diva additionally wrote. She was genuinely a momentous lady and I anticipate offering life to her story soon.”Benazir Bhutto daughter, Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari has taken to Twitter to share that if such a flick is underway, “certainly no consent from her living heirs/children was sought” adding “absolutely unacceptable and we will be taking action against it”.

Not long ago, Hayat had retweeted a post demonstrating her beside Benazir Bhutto, saying, it would be an honour and privilege to play her.

Earlier this week, Pakistani comedy film Punjab Nahi Jaungi featuring Hayat and Humayun Saeed grabbed the ‘Unique Jury Award’ at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Film Festival in Qingdao, China.