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#WhyDieselBetraysKashmir? “Popular Trend of Pakistan”

The most trending hash tag on social media of today is #WhyDieselBetraysKashmir ?. Twitter is going crazy on Mulana fazlurahman. Currently Mulana fazlurahman is heading the committee of Kashmir affairs but not a single statement was passed by him against the atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir.

Self claimed strike of India inside Pakistan ignite the fire and tension among the Nuclear states. During the course of media warfare, Mulana fazlurahman was the least bothered politician of Pakistan. Despite of the fact that Mulana fazlurahman is enjoying a lavish protocol from Government. Motorcade of almost 15 cars and dozens of guards move with him. Pakistanis have to stand still when Mulana fazlurahman motorcade is moving.

People on Twitter was of the same view, lets have a look to some interesting tweets