Why You Should Watch “This is Us”

A show for the people, by the people.

For years, the television industry has churned out memorable shows. They’ve given us comedies like ‘Friends’ that have made us laugh till we cry. They’ve given us shows like ‘Game of Thrones’, which have us hooked from the second they begin, till the absolute last moment.

Even shows like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which have shown us the possibility of a gruesome future, have made a considerable impact but, once every couple of years, there comes the show. The show that break your heart. The show that you understand, that you feel for, the show that is so honest and so true, you feel as though you were the one who made it.

And this time, that show is This is Us”.

The global phenomenon which made people shed all kinds of tears is a force of nature. It is poignant, hilarious and utterly relatable.

Now, you might think that’s a strange group of qualities for a show to have. And you’re right, it is very strange that a show combines comedy and tragedy that it is both light and dark and that you, as a Pakistani, can understand completely some random show made in the US but you see, the thing there’s something that ties us all together, regardless of nationality… and that’s family.

We, as people, understand family. The love and hurt it brings. Its importance and its impact.

And let me tell you, that’s all this show is about.

It’s about fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers. It’s about sons and daughters and friends and first loves. More specifically, it follows Jack and Rebecca Pearson as they raise their 3 children, Kate, Kevin and Randall.

The show happens in a series of flashbacks, showing them as adults with struggles and joys, and as children who are greatly loved. It shows Rebecca and Jack as they try to figure out how to keep their relationship intact while raising 3 kids.

It tackles how they bring Randall into their lives by adopting him and the ensuing events that take place but, what’s truly magical about this show is how accurate it is.

It tells the truth about mental illness, racism, loneliness, anger, love, heartbreak and joy.

It highlights problems that families all around the world have, and yet is never crass, never cruel or destructive. Instead, it makes its impact by showing its viewers multiple sides of the same situation.

It shows them the importance of understanding and empathy and consistently reiterates that judgement without knowledge is pointless and cruel.

The show deals with modern world problems, family being just one of them. It manages to distract everyone who watches from their own private miseries with its fantastic acting and superb plot and dialogue.

The show reminds us all what it means to feel deeply, for other, not oneself. It reminds us that we are all human, loving and aching, and simply doing the best we can.