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Why you must floss your teeth every day

Flossing is a crucial part of taking care of your teeth and gums. The American Dental Association suggests flossing at least once a day to help eliminate plaque from the extents between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t access.

This is imperative because plaque that is not removed by brushing and flossing can ultimately strengthen into calculus or tartar. Flossing also aids in preventing gum disease and cavities.

Be mindful of the fact that flossing should not be painful. If you floss too rigidly, you could harm the tissue between your teeth. If you’re too tender, you might not be getting the food out. It’s normal to feel some uneasiness when you first begin flossing, but don’t give up.

With daily brushing and flossing, that uneasiness should ease within a week or two. If your pain continues, consult your dentist. Talk to your dentist about what sorts of oral care products will be best and effective for you. Look for products that hold the ADA Seal of Acceptance so