Why Pakistan government wants to save India’s face

On January 14, the news of an Indian extremist attack on PIA office in India took the social media by storm.

The news was conveyed by the Pakistani High Commissioner to India, Mr. Abdul Basit right after the attack took place and following that it was broad-casted by all news channels.

The press attaché Manzoor Memon also appeared on air at GEO news and shared the news after he was asked to air it.

According to reliable sources, the press attaché of Pakistan to India, Manzoor Memon was contacted from the PM house Islamabad and was directed not to share the news with anyone now onwards and that the Prime Minister has shown his anger over him opening up this news.

The unpleasant response of the Prime Minister was then communicated to the High Commissioner directly by the PM house Islamabad and he was also asked to stop broadcasting and keep the news quiet.

Hence, since that day none of the news channels has covered the news of Indian terrorists attack on Pakistan Airlines office in India or with regards to what happened after that.

The question remains that why is there a need to stop broadcasting the news where a leading Pakistani airlines office was attacked by Hindu extremists and the government of Pakistan opted to remain silent on the issue?

How long will Pakistan keep on saving India’s face just for the sake of good neighbourhood while on the other hand, there is no positive gestures from the neighbouring country.

It should be reminded that after an attack on an Indian airbase which was actually by Daish, a few minutes within the attack the whole of Indian media was openly blaming Pakistan and its Armed Forces for the attack without any evidence. It was proven that this was not the case when the perpetrators turned out to be of Daish but no apology or extraction of statement by any channel/newspaper/media house came forward.

While speaking to an analyst on the issue she said, “Nawaz Sharif worry about Pakistan first, leave India’s grace in their own hands. If this is not acceptable to you then please announce yourself as the businessman you are and quit playing politics and harming Pakistani interests for your own. You disgrace Pakistan.”