WHO warns of 3-4 million Zika Virus cases

The experts of World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Thursday, Zika virus is now reportedly suspected for causing birth defects and may infect almost 3-4 million people in the Americas also including 1.5 million in Brazil.

The head of communicable diseases at WHO’s Americas arm; PAHO, Marcos Espinal said that a study would be published soon suggesting a interaction between Zika and microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brains) in Brazil.

He addressed to the WHO’s executive board meeting in Geneva: We don’t know yet if this virus crosses the placenta and generates or causes microcephaly. We think it plays a role. There’s no doubt about that.

The United Nations health department reported that it is assemble an emergency committee on Monday in order to decide if the Zika virus outrage must be declared as an international health emergency.

At a special meeting on Thursday in Geneva, Director-General of WHO Dr Margaret Chan suggested that the virus that has been related to birth defects and neurological health issues was “spreading explosively.”

Dr Chan added, “The possible links, only recently suspected, have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.”

However, there is not any specific treatment or vaccine for the heavily spreading virus, which was also linked to Dengue virus but scientists struggled for years in order to develop a dengue vaccine but failed.

WHO also declared an international emergency for the 2014 Ebola virus outburst in West Africa that ended up killing above 11,000 people.


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