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White House to Present Verdict on 9/11 Report by June

White House will probably present a verdict by June on whether it’ll release some classified material that is still withheld from the public 9/11 Commission Report, said a former senator of the United States who co-chaired congressional inquiry into attacks.

The withheld portion of official report on 2001 attacks is central to dispute over whether the Americans should be able to sue Saudi Arabian govt for the damages.

The Office of the United States’ Director of National Intelligence is revising the material to check whether it can be released.

Former Senator, Bob Graham, who is a Florida Democrat, has been pressing for release of information and said that that it might shed a light on financial backers for 19 hijackers who had murdered around 3,000 people on 11th Sept, 2001.

Graham said that he believed that some of withheld confidential material could be released soon.

“President’s staff at least said that they’ll make a decision by June, & I hope that decision is to honor the American people & make it available,” said Graham.

Representative Adam Schiff, who is the top Democrat on House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, last week said that he had also supported releasing the material.

“The release of these pages will not end debate over issue, but will quiet the rumors over their contents,” said Rep. Adam Schiff in a statement. “As is often the case, that the reality’s less damaging than the uncertainty.”