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Where were 12 million Dirhams kept for two decades? SC asks PM’s legal team

ISLAMABAD: The five member bench resumed the hearing of Panama case today, under the supervision of Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.

According to reports, legal team of PM Nawaz Sharif submitted the reply in Supreme court today. The reply of PM Nawaz included details of the prime minister’s public office tenure.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court had asked questions regarding the financial investments of Nawaz Sharif. The court also asked about the misuse of power by the PM for boosting his business interests while in power.

The SC asked the prime minister’s legal team, “Where were 12 million Dirham kept for two decades? From 1980 to 1997, what did Nawaz Sharif do? What is law for money transfer in Dubai and Qatar? How was money invested in the Sharif children’s businesses?”

The bench has also come to the decision that the hearing of the Panama Leaks case would be held on a daily basis.