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When justice fails, favoritism prevails


Professional jealousy occurs when the juniors supersede the seniors in any department and in any field.

If the authority does not maintain its check and balance on the system, the system is destroyed as well as it brings chaos among the seniors and the troubles of the masses are compounded.

The Punjab government is considered to be the most mature government within Pakistan, yet it makes so many blunders where postings and promotions are concerned.

Recently, according to a report, junior officers of the Punjab government have been awarded the powers of secretaries, commissioners and District Coordination Officers (DCOs).

Separately, hundreds of senior PCS, PMS and DMG officers are being declined because they don’t have references and close linkages to Chief Minister (CM) House.


In the Punjab government, a secretary has grade-20 while 13 officers of grade-19 have become secretaries.

At least 2 officers of grade 19 have become commissioner which is a post of grade 21.

At least 11 officers of grade 18 have become DCOs which is a post of grade 19.

More than 17 officers of grade 18 have been upgraded to grade 19 in the civil secretariat.

Director General of Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Dr Ahmad Javed Qazi is of grade 19 officer.

Special secretary for Chief Minister House, Sajid Zafar Daal and Zahid Saleem Gondal are officers of 19 grade but enjoying powers and salary of grade 20.

Secretary Agricultural Marketing Dr Farah Masood is an officer of grade 19.

Special secretary Department of Specialized Health Dr Sajid Chauhan is officer of grade 19.

Department of Primary Healthy Care is under the control of Ali Jan Khan who is grade 19 officer.

Special Secretary Local Bodies Sarah Aslam and Special Secretary Schools Imran Sikandar are grade 19 officers.

Secretary P & D Iftikhar Ali Sahev is an officer of grade 19.

Secretary Archives enjoying the seat of grade 20.



The commissioner is a seat of grade 21.

Commissioner Rawalpindi Azmat Mahmood enjoying the seat of grade-21 but he is of grade 19.

Commissioners Gujranwala Muhammad Asif is a grade 19 officer.



DCO is an authority of grade 19.

DCO of Narowal Rafaqat Ali is grade 18.

DCO Hafizabad Muhammad Ahmad Rajwana is grade 18 officer.

DCO Rawalpindi Talat Mahmood is grade 18 officer.

DCO Sargodha Danish Afzal is grade 18 officer.

DCO Kasur Amaara Khan is grade 18 officer.

DCO Sheikhupora Arqam Tariq is grade 18 officer.

DCO Nankana Saira Umar is grade 18 officer.

DCO Sialkot Dr Asif Tufail is grade 18 officer.

DCO Khushab Kinza Murtaza is grade 18 officer.

DCO Mianwali Shozab Saeed is grade 18 officer.

DCO Layyah Wajid Ali Shah is grade 18 officer.


All this unjustified division will create harsh feelings in senior officers, and they might leave their duties or they might delay the process of easing the troubles of the poor masses.

If the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, who is all in all, does not take notice of the serious concern of the senior bureaucrats, then ultimately it is the poor masses of the Punjab, who will have to face the consequences of nepotism and favoritism.