Whatsapp to drop its annual fee requirement

The international most used messaging application, Whatsapp has finally decided to drop its annual fee requirement of $ 99 cents.

The users would be no longer facing the subscription notifications and the service would go even smoother

Whatsapp founder Jan Koum announced the offer in this year’s DLD conference.

Jan Koum stated, “Regions where smartphone users do not have access to payment cards still exist and due to this limitation, these users won’t be able to enjoy the service if subscription fees come into the equation. This move is great news for the service’s users in developing markets, since they make up the major share of its users.”

The changes have started working immediately. However, people who have already subscribed, it would not offered a refund. Moreover, Whatsapp will not be displaying any ads for users after the recent declaration to drop the annual fee.

Furthermore, Whatsapp is currently working on a video calling feature.


Admit it, constant WhatsApp update alerts really annoy you- remember the fuss over the ‘last seen’ feature or the ‘blue ticks’ to show that the message has been read? Well, let’s just say WhatsApp is now making up for all that with these new amazing features you probably don’t know about.

Though the update has not been pushed to the Google Play Store, one can still download it from the company’s website and explore the new features.