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What is a surgical strike? How is it done?

Surgical strike is a swift military attack that is carried out with such efficiency that it causes damage to the ‘legitimate  target’ and  no or minimum collateral damage to the general public’s belongings, nearby buildings and vehicles etc.

Surgical strike is generally referred to a  military action involving air strikes. It is conducted through airdropping special ops teams or by sending special troops for this mission. It comes as a surprise, is not messy and is based on complete surgical efficiency. It is conducted in lightning speed and doesn’t provide a chance to the opponent to respond. Sometimes, the officials have knowledge about the strikes yet they’re unable to make it even due to lack of expertise.

India Pakistan relations take a dramatic turn every day and the latest news is India’s false claim regarding the surgical strike at Line of Control in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. Both the countries have given reactions to this in their own way. Here are a few newspapers from both sides, depicting the huge difference in statements or what we might call it ‘contradiction’ :

India says:

Source: Dawn News
Source: Dawn News


Source: Dawn news
Source: Dawn news

DG ISPR Asim Bajwa has strongly declared this ‘surgical strike’ as a false propagation from the Indian side.

The Indian forces as well as government fails to answer important questions like:

  • What exactly was the location where surgical strikes occurred?
  • Who were the main targets of this action?
  • To which terrorist organization do the so-called terrorist group belong who was targeted?
  • What are the ‘terrorist launch pads’ India keeps fantasizing about?

Their silence and lack of proper answers surely is the proof about what actually happened and what the hype is all about.

Even, at first India claimed to use helicopters for their strikes, which was later considered a bad move and they backtracked on it.

DG ISPR Asim Bajwa explains that it was only a normal cross LoC fire and India carries out this violation every other day so there is nothing new in it. Small arms and mortars were used in this cross-fire which are used in normal days and India has faced a well-deserved response to it.

Air Marshall Shahzad Chaudhry discarded India’s claim of targeting a terrorist group who positioned itself at the launchpads at LoC. He believes that it is a childish and absurd claim as both the armies are on high alert, the tension on the border is at its peak and only a crazy man would believe the point that a terrorist can inflate in such a high-alert suffocating condition.

Senior analysts describe this act of indian sarkaar and forces as a little step just to satisfy their nation who are boiling up for revenge against the Uri Attack. Indian government just wishes to hide their flaws and inability to come face to face with Pakistan. In such terrible condition, they’re acting like mad cows by creating sensation by senseless news like cancelling Indus Water treaty and surgical attacks. This unrealistic news has proved to be a lollipop for little kids who’ve  stopped crying for Uri’s revenge and are now busy celebrating their majestic powers to destroy Pakistan.

Here is how an Indian website has itself destroyed its country’s game:


Source: google images
Source: google images

Do we need to explain more?  No, right?

There’s just one line that fits here perfectly:

Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye…