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What did Pervez Rasheed said about illegal Sharif family offshore holdings?

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervez Rasheed utterly rejected the disclosures of the Panama Papers which showed Nawaz Sharif and his family owing abroad property.

The Information Minister said, “Two children of [Nawaz] Sharif used to live abroad. They did not do any illegal work, all their assets are white money, there is nothing wrong in it.”
The Information Minister said, “They did nothing illegal.”

“Can Imran Khan or other politicians claim none of their kith or kin reside abroad or do business offshore?”
The Information Minister said, “They did nothing illegal.”

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The Information was asked by the correspondent journalist by the earlier PTI head tweet. In which Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman tweet that the Panama Papers have cleared his party’s stance and urged for fresh elections and requested probes to responsible authority including National Accountability Bureau, Federal Board of Revenue, and the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Rasheed continued, “In 1970, Sharifs’ companies were nationalised without due compensation, their homes were snatched, was that not injustice?”
“They decided their father is in politics and they’ll stay away from politics. They were forced to take these decisions by authoritarian rulers of the past.”

On the other hand today Imran Khan is all ready to hold a press conference at his resident Bani Gala at 5pm.

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World famous leaders, actors, reknown footballer, dozens of billionaires were the beauty of listed. The Panama leak is one of the biggest inside information leak in history.

Up to 100 media group, an investigative journalism results and uncover the world’s most powerful people that have hidden their money offshores. After covering for almost 40 years of emails the list make it the top story of 4rd April.SHARIF-FAMILY-PKG-04-04-IRSHAD-680x442

Starting from national names include Prime minister of Pakistan and their children Hussain Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz.

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The most popular actor of Indian showbiz industry Amitabh Bachan is also the eye catching in the list. Some of the other international names are to Russian President Vladimir Putin which secretly dragged as much as $2 billion using offshore companies.xi-putin-messi-680x383

The Kremlin has alleged the ICIJ of launching a misleading “information attack”.

Some of the prominent names include Prime Minister Sigmundar David Gunnlaugsson and his spouse, Chinese President Xi Jinping, British Prime Minister David Cameron, the king of Saudi Arabia and the children of the president of Azerbaijan, also control offshore companies.