Weather Alert: Arrival of the Expected Thundershowers and Gusty Winds

Monsoon rain in the areas of Punjab.

The monsoon currents from the bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea are penetrating into the northeastern parts of the country. These will start from Thursday and will proceed for a while. The protection and precautionary measures must be taken in order to be safe from an accident. The rain is a blessing but it may be disastrous at any time.

Monsoon season generally starts in July and proceed till August. This season contains a lot of moisture and the rivers too sometimes get flooded too. According to PDMA ( provincial disaster management authority) has declared gusty winds with rain and heavy clouds in upper Punjab including Gujranwala, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and Faisalabad divisions.

The heavy rains may occur at isolated areas of Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi divisions from 13th to 15th July 2018. According to National Weather Forecast Centre Pakistan has stated that the rains will be prolonged and they will be active in the first half than the second half. Following video shows the rain in Lahore on 3rd July 2018;

The global model indicates the uncertainty about the evolution of El Nino during the month of July 2018. The Indian Ocean is likely to remain in the neutral phase. The rains may cause flooding in urban areas and flash floods in some parts of the country. El Nino is the climate indicator which refers to the hot and cold temperatures measured on the basis of sea surface temperature.

In 2017, the monsoon rains were recorded to be average. It was reported to be a drier Monsoon for both India and Pakistan. This time huge rainfalls are expected. Beside rains, Pakistanis will never miss the chance to enjoy this beautiful weather and there will be Pakoras and Biryanis in every single house.

Well in every Monsoon season, Pakistani lands are always flooded and there are no precautionary measures taken to save people from this troublesome situation but this time government has made some efforts in order to save people and arrangements are being made.

In northern areas of Pakistan, the rains will normal to slightly above normal during the first half of the season and below normal during the second half. Below normal rain is expected in the areas of Sindh and Balochistan.