We Know Why Maryam Nawaz Was Smiling All Along.

The bigger the convict, the lesser the conviction.

Nawaz and Maryam: the royal desperados will be dealt with according to their criminal compass. While our jails are filled with minors, bicycle-thieves, widows, and pre-trial detainees, the royal ruffians will get the treatment according to their dignity and international status of “penthouse pirates”— an honour conferred upon the nation solely by the tireless efforts of loot and corruption by Sharifs for 40 years.

According to the Redcross Study, our prison population stood at 83, 718, and 69.1% of this population is pre-trial detainees/remand prisoners.

  1. Female ratio os 1.8% of the total population.
  2. Juveniles/minors / or young prisoners are 1.7% of the total prison population.

After having given these figure, let us check on how these prisoners cope with the debilitating environment of the prison. In Pakistan, because of the most exceedingly terrible state of penitentiaries, a ton of detainees bite the dust, and others are experiencing the exceedingly bad condition of health. In the course of recent years, 104 detainees died, and 76% to 80% were just from Karachi and Hyderabad jails while others were from other areas of the country.

Among 104 detainees, 90 prisoners died of natural causes, while 14 died because of suicide and savagery of different detainees. In any case, it must be featured that health of the Pakistani detainees is a far cry from being normal. Along these lines, the detainees are compelled to live in swarmed and damp quarters. Concerned officials who are planning to move the national looters and plunderers to Sihala Rest House must demonstrate a smidgen benevolence to fix the desperate situation of our jails as well.

Moral of the story is, don’t be a small thief. Be a big-time plunderer and law will take care of the rest. The following notice is an intriguing discourse to divide the pastiche from the real.
The convicted, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz, detained late on Friday in the Avenfield Reference Case, has been moved to Adiyala Jail in Rawalpindi along with his daughter, will be shifted to Sihala Rest House, on the orders of the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), which is anything but a place for rigorous imprisonment of the convicts. 
Powers vested in Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), under section 541 of the criminal procedure code,1860, read with the section 3 of the prison act of 1894, is pleased to declare that premises of Sihala Police Training College Rest House, Islamabad, as sub-jail, for keeping the Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz to serve their rigorous imprisonment. The notice has been issued with immediate effect till further orders.
The convicts will also be provided with the much-needed security. While we lost our national heroes like, Haroon Bilour and Siraj Raisani, in suicide attacks, and around 200 others in the past three days, these convicted criminals, who looted the entire nation,  need security.   
Notice by CC, ICT, for Sihala Rest House.

A copy of the notification was forwarded to:

  1. The Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Islamabad
  2. The Home Secretary, Government of Punjab, Lahore
  3. The Inspector General of Police, Islamabad
  4. The District Magistrate, Islamabad, reference to the letter No. 888/RDM/2018, Dated 13.7.2018, for further perusal with immediate effect.
  5. The Superintendent, Central Jail Adiyala, Rawalpindi for further necessary actions according to the law.
This is where the national plunderers, Nawaz & Maryam, will serve their “Rigorous Imprisonment”.

Both convicted father-daughter pair; Nawaz and Maryam, will be moved to Sihala Rest House on edges of Islamabad where security has been reinforced as the Rest House has been declared sub-jail to facilitate the convicts.

This is how an average Pakistani serves his/her term in jail.

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Finally, Justice is Served; Nawaz & Maryam Behind the Bars