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Watermelons are crown of Iftar tables

As Ramazan started, the interest for watermelon surged as individuals searched out the nutritious organic product which not just extinguishes the yearn for a difficult day spent fasting in the intense heat, additionally gives vitality to the body.

The fruit is usually quite cheap, earning it a moniker ‘do-anna’ or ‘two Annas’. Given its juicy nature with 92 per cent of the fruit consisting of water, some have called for it to be crowned as the official fruit of summer.

No other natural product yells summer very like watermelon. It could be its invigorating taste or even the blasted of shading that adds striking quality to your plate. Truth be told, there’s a whole other world to tarbooz than simply its flavour, it gloats some summoning medical advantages as well.

Apart from its water and sugar content, the fruit is also packed with a host of key nutrients such as vitamins A, B-6, and C, lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There is even a modest amount of potassium.

Dietician Dr Asad Khan said,

“Foods that are high in antioxidants and amino acids allow your body to function optimally.”

Antioxidants help prevent cellular damage and cancer, while amino acids comprise the basic building blocks of protein which are used for virtually every vital function in the body, he said.

The natural product additionally keeps kidneys healthy since it contains potassium, which is exceptionally useful in wiping or washing off the dangerous testimonies in the kidneys. In addition, it is useful in diminishing the grouping of uric corrosive in the blood, in this manner bringing down the odds of kidney harm and arrangement of kidney stones. Also, it anticipates the lack of hydration because of its high water content, it incites visit urinating, which is again useful for cleaning of kidneys.

Price is also an issue. During peak sales, the price of watermelon can rise to around Rs50 per kilogramme, compared to the normal rate of Rs30 per kg. Replying to a question about complaints of profiteering and skyrocketing prices of fruits during Ramazan, Khan said,

“Street vendors buy watermelons from the wholesale market for Rs20 per kg, so how can we sell it at a lower price.”

However, people complained that merchants usually unilaterally hike prices during Ramzan to boost their profits.

They asked the concerned specialists and assigned market advisory groups to take genuine notice of the issue and manage the offenders with iron hands so normal man can get help amid the fasting month.