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Water-pipe or smoking: Which is dangerous

There is a public delusion that smoking tobacco from a hookah or waterpipe is somehow less injurious than cigarette smoking. Latest studies have proven hookah smoking carries many of the same health dangers, and now, a new study provides proof of lung function irregularities among light-use hookah or waterpipe smokers.

Researchers found alterations in the cells lining the airways of members who were light hookah smokers.

The study, printed in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, was directed by Dr. Ronald Crystal, from Weill Cornell Medicine at Cornell University in New York.

Medical News Today recently described on a study that found just one hookah session delivers 125 times the smoke of one cigarette.
However, research into the safety of hookah smoking is restricted, say Dr. Crystal and co-workers.

Hookahs carry fruit-flavoured tobacco, which is positioned in a bowl and burned with charcoal. The tobacco smoke fizzes through water and is then carried through a tube, from which the consumer inhales the smoke.