Begum Benazir Bhutto’s Niece, Azadeh Hussain, Got Married in UK

Bold and Sensual Azadeh Hussain Finally Tied the Knot

Granddaughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, niece of Benazir Bhutto and the daughter of Sanam Bhutto: Azadeh Hussain, gets married in London, UK, to the love of her life.

Bold and beautiful Azadeh Hussain tied the knot in a private ceremony in London, the pictures and videos of the wedding ceremony have been released to the public later on. 

We can find the children of BB: Asifa, Bakhtawar and Bilawal Bhutto, hosting the ceremony in the following video:

Lately, the bride, Azadeh Hussain, was in the news for her steamy and sensual photo-shoot. Enjoy the following:

Azadeh, the bride

Sanam Bhutto in Green with Bilawal, Asifa, and Bukhtawar