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Waqar Zaka apologizes to Mubasher Lucman for statement against him in Ramzan Show

The man known for his daredevil programs, Waqar Zaka who is also doing a Ramzan transmission linked game show with Maya Khan, has apologized to the famous journalist and host of program Khara Sach, Mubasher Lucman, for his senseless comments he made for Mubashar Lucman on Saturday, in his Ramzan show.

Waqar Zaka, in his program on Saturday, criticized Mubasher Lucman indirectly calling him Indian agent saying those who oppose the transmission are Indian agents.

After the outrage and reaction from the public, he definitely had to apologize from Mr. Lucman.

Here is the video of the statement he made for Mubasher Lucman.

However, in today’s show, he, along with sending flying kiss to the journalist, apologized for his statement he made and also claimed that “Mubasher Lucman sahib! You are like my father.”