Vote to Get the Deal

Best Branded Deal-Offers to Reward the Voters

Today, 25 July 2018, is our time to vote and bring change in the country by giving the power to responsible people who will transform Pakistan for good and for better. And the corporate sector of Pakistan is chipping in its bit too. Fast food chains and other big brands in Pakistan are offering the best deals to those who cast their vote. Indeed, a unique way of committing to social responsibility. Just show your ink and grab the deal!

It is time that we realize the importance of good governance, and how it will encourage economic growth by increasing employment and increasing the GDP of our country. The government will repay our debts and change this third world developing country to a developed country that is literate, happy, well-developed, modernized and has a high living standard. Hopefully, the upcoming government will take charge of the issues faced by Pakistan and solve the problems of the general public. Corporate sector bears a lot of responsibility for bringing this change. Hence it is offering deals to attract moree people to vote.

This change is only possible if each and every Pakistani fulfills their responsibility, and acknowledge his right and duty to vote. Many people have gone out of the country for vacations, on business expeditions and to fulfill religious obligations like hajj but still managed to come back. Many celebrities are also out of the country like the very famous and well-renowned Mahira Khan. Farhan Saeed has called upon all the celebrities to come to Pakistan and vote. 

Celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Bilal have shared pictures after voting to encourage others to vote as well. Many people on social media accounts are persuading everyone to vote claiming that each and every vote counts because surely it does impact our country and future! 

Our industrial sector has also taken the responsibility of encouraging people to vote. They have introduced various deals with discounts and free food items if the customer shows them that they have completed their task: voting. 

Not only are the restaurants going to benefit from this business and marketing strategy, the country will benefit since people will have an incentive to vote for the country, especially the youth of this country.

Many people overlook the importance of voting since they are not in need of any improvements because they are living a good and healthy life in their luxurious houses and can afford all the amenities they wish to enjoy over here and abroad.

What they do not realize is that others, especially the deprived people, do not have the resources required to lead a satisfactory life; they do not have gas pipelines, electricity, water etc. They cannot afford food items because of the high inflationary prices. They cannot send children to schools because they are unemployed. They die earlier because they are devoid of obtaining health care facilities, either due to the lack of hospitals, doctors or money. 

When will Pakistan change? It is when you will take the right decisions. So go and vote!