Video In Which Senator Groping A Young Girl In Public While Giving A Speech Goes Viral

Social media was first being criticized for information excess. However, with increasing usage of social media websites, there is a huge surge in awareness among people as it plays as an important tool to inform people what is going on around the world.

Recently a Video of PML-N senator, Nisar Muhammad, became viral on the internet while he was giving a speech and groping a girl making her uncomfortable on the stage.

This made many people angry, many people accused him for sexually harassing a minor girl in public. However, it’s the time when many of us need to take proper classes in ethics when dealing around with people and specially minors.

Even though, the other thing that should be noticed might be the intention of the person doing a certain act. Some people don’t realize that their actions might make someone else very uncomfortable.

Many of us have become sensitive of how one should act or react when dealing with children with love. Specially after the rape incident of Zainab, people have become very sensitive over the issue of child abuse.

It’s not only the children who need to be thought about good and bad touch but also elderly people. Many children have been touched uncomfortably by their uncles and aunties but very few have the courage to strike back.

It’s very important for parents to play the role in such cases. First, make your children your friend. As long as you don’t give your child the confidence to discuss everything with you, you can never be a good parent.

Give your children the trust they need. Open up on things which were never discussed by your parents with you. Looking at what is happening around the world, it’s very important to make everyone aware of the mishaps that can take place.


Speak up for your children before someone else does.