Video of ISIS ‘encrypted email’ is fake: Edward Snowden

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed that a supposed ‘encrypted email’ featured in a recent ISIS propaganda video is fake.

The plausible looking encrypted message at the end of the video appeared to confirm this fear – but former NSA analyst Snowden has claimed it is fake.

Addressing journalists on Twitter, he added: “The ISIS video’s ‘encrypted email’ is confirmed fake. If any official responds as if it’s real, push back.”

Similar reports, such as a story which claimed the Paris terrorists had used the PlayStation online gaming network to communicate, led to renewed calls for the government to crack down on encryption.

Pro-encryption activists believe introducing ‘backdoors into messaging services and devices would jeopardize innocent people’s privacy.

On the other hand, others have pointed out that despite speculation, the Paris gunmen communicated through unencrypted text messages during and before their attack.

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden has asked governments not to be taken in by the Islamic State’s (Isis) latest propaganda. The organization claims in a video that it has sent encrypted messages to its members to plot fresh attacks.

The video ends by showing encrypted messages being sent using PGP emails, which hint at the terror group planning new attacks. The taunting video was released by Al-Hayat, which is believed to be the propaganda wing of the Isis.

Facebook has also come up with a novel approach to deal with Isis propaganda on social media; it recently launched an EU wide campaign to better identify and shut down Isis related content from its website.

A mysterious message that appeared twice in an ISIS video released on Sunday night has sparked a dynamic debate across social media.

Still, that didn’t stop ISIS supporters from having a field day and trying to use it show that the terror group is sophisticated in how it communicates. They insisted the note is legit, even though they couldn’t agree on its purpose.

Making the use of strong crypto illegal is hardly going to dissuade suicide bombers from using it, but will weaken the security of millions of law enduring citizens.


More likely the video is an elaborately produced fake designed to coincide with an effort by the US government to force tech companies to provide keys or a backdoor to encrypted communication.

Following Comey’s testimony House Homeland Security Chair Rep. Michael McCaul warned “ISIS now has developed their own encrypted app. This is a serious issue for the FBI and Homeland Security, for law enforcement. You can’t see what see what the terrorists are communicating, you can’t stop that threat.”