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Video: Increasing women shoplifters in Pakistan

Shoplifting has increased as the mobile-snatching has in Pakistan because of the arrival of expensive electronic products in Pakistan. Especially smart phones and mini laptops which can be easily taken away, have great number of theft cases in the whole country.

Despite the fact of increasing security precautions taken by the shopkeepers and owners, the risk factor of thief’s being identified and being caught has enormously risen.

Unaware of the modern security and surveillance techniques, many would still go to the mobile shops and steal expensive products.

Women take advantage of their being respectable and trustworthy in society while shoplifting and therefore are not caught easily.

In the video, you can see that two women, one considerably an aged one and the other a young one entered a mobile shop and asked the shop keeper to show them some mobile phones.

Having the plan in mind, the older woman kept on trying to get a good grip of a mobile box so that she could leash that in her broad shawl which she definitely has taken over to fulfill such marmalade intention.

It can be observed that how cunningly the younger one involved and engaged the shopkeeper into other stuff and the older woman stole one of the mobile pack and left the shop seconds after that.

Although the shopkeeper got to know that one of his mobile phone box is missing and sent his boy after them, but it looks like in vain.

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