Venice Design 2018: Pakistani Architect to Display ‘Latoo’ Inspired Stools

By Atiya Riffat

Pakistan people are fully skilled with talent and creative ideas. The designers, artists, writers, and painters of Pakistan are being recognized worldwide because of their great abilities.

Salman Jawed, an architecture graduate from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, will be displaying his art at the prestigious Venice Design Week 2018.

Salman is the managing partner at Coalesce Design Studio, a Karachi-based team who are putting up an exclusive installation named ‘Daalaan’ at the event.

This distinctive design promises to take visitors on a journey to patronize their childhood. It contains illustrations hanging from the ceiling which represent the traditional games and ‘lattoo stools’. The idea is to help visitors rediscover their inner child, as they spin on the stools while gazing at illustrations.

‘Latto’ is basically a top spinning tool which is being used as a playing tool by the children and it is very old traditional playing tool of Subcontinent.

“The sheesham wood objects, spinning tops, hand-drawn art and illustrations make for a playground where imagination has no bounds”, says Coalesce Design Studio

The efforts of the Pakistan team have been recognized by leading architecture and design magazine Icons. The Daalaan stood among the six most liked pieces of art at the London Design Biennale in October 2016.

Out of the possible 37 entries, ‘Daalaan’ became one of the six to be accepted for display alongside entries from Belgium, France, Indonesia, Mexico and Russia.