Uzair Baloch handed over to Rangers on a 90-day remand

KARACHI: It has been reported that Uzair Baloch is handed over to Rangers on a 90-day remand who was arrested while entering Karachi.

According to local media,  the leader of Liyari gang war, Uzair Baloch had been arrested when he entered Karachi. Moreover, the court has also allowed to launch a joint investigation team (JIT) for the proper investigation.

He was brought in front of Justice Farooq Shah under strict security arrangements.

The lawyer of Uzair Baloch, Khawaja Naveed told while talking to media told that Rangers has mentioned the arrest today and it is also said that when Uzair will give his statement, many unexpected things would be released. The lawyer also told that they were not allowed to talk to Uzair Baloch and also the list of allegations was not presented.

Uzair Baloch first came under FIR in 2004 and the series of cases continued to be fired against him. Uzair was even declared “wanted” in almost 42 cases and a price-money of 20 lac was also announced at his arrest. He was declared wanted over murders, attempted murders, robbery and such relevant cases.

On 28 December, 2014 he was arrested in by authorities in United Arab Emirates (UAE) when he tried to enter the gulf states with a fake Iranian passport and name Abdul Ghani. However, the authorities investigated and he was arrested at the spot.

It is also reported that he may have links with many leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Zulfiqar Mirza calls him his brother also. Moreover, on the question of Uzair Baloch’s arrest by Rangers to Nisar Khoro, he replied in a tricky way and avoided talking about the matter.

Uzair Baloch revealed that many placing for gambling are supported by government officers and a big profit of the earning through that centers is given to some politicians also. He also revealed that many of Karachi police officials are a part of Liyari gang war too.

He told that police officials like SHO Javed Baloch and Aman Ullah were also involved in the kidnapping of Arshad Pappu from defence and was brought at the spot with the police vehicle. After kidnapping, Arshad was brought to Liyari area and murdered.

He also revealed that many people involved in criminal acts with him are appointed on higher posts by government. Moreover, according to Uzair Baloch, Sultan Qamar of Fisherman Cooperative society also backed many kidnaps for his benefits.

According to sources, before Uzair baloch, Rehman Daket was the head of Liyari gang war and was involved in the murder of Khalid Shehansha, the security incharge of Benazir Bhutto. After the murder of Shehansha, Rehman Daket was also killed in Blaochistan and Uzair Baloch became the head of gang. Rehman Daket had many information about the murder of Benazir Bhutto and after his murder, the doors to the murderers of BB were also closed. 

On December 27, 2007 when BB was murdered, it was in the security plan that Rehman Malik’s car would be used as a backup in case of any emergency however, the car was taken somewhere else mysteriously and Rehman Malik went back to his home. When he was inquired about the matter of his car, he said he thought that the car is already taken with BB.

Now, there are chances that influential political personalities may be in hot water now including Asif Ali Zardari’s sister, Fariyal Talpoor who may leave Pakistan soon to go abroad.

After Uzair Baloch’s arrest, the conflicts between federal and provincial government would be increased.

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