US: Struggles to Discriminate Against the Transgender Students Just Failed

Bill sought to block the transgender students from using specific bathrooms. While the Tennessee’s GOP governor had opposed the measure.

On Tuesday, the controversial Tennessee bill discriminating against the transgender students had died in the state legislature.

Legislation would’ve required transgender students to only use the school restrooms corresponding with the gender they were assigned at their birth. Lawmakers on Planning Committee & the House Education Administration had sent the bill for further study, effectively killing it, acc. to a press release from LGBT advocacy group named Freedom for All Americans.

Governor Bill Haslam expressed concerns that this bill could jeopardize the federal funding of the state while the opponents argued that legislation was unnecessary & would harm the transgender students.


“Today’s decision by the Tennessee lawmakers is a victory for dignity & equal treatment of all children in the state,” said the executive director of Freedom for All American, Matt McTighe. “The House Bill 2414 would’ve endangered personal safety of all children, particularly the transgender youth & codified discrimination in public schools.”

The Transgender students who had testified before committee were in the view that their experiences had swayed the lawmakers’ votes, reported the Associated Press.

The Tennessee schools can make the accommodations for these students at their discretion, but some of the lawmakers were concerned that this legislation would lead to nothing but more confusion

Mark White, the State Representative (R), who had initially supported the legislation, said that he changed his position after talking to a transgender student of the high school and determined that the bill was needless.

The transgender student had stated that he could only use teachers’ restroom at the school and that he often returned home with stomachaches and dehydrated.

A number of analogous bills, restricting which bathrooms the transgender students use have been darting up in states across country. Dennis Daugaards, the South Dakota Gov. (R), earlier this month barred the legislation that would’ve made his state the 1st to execute such boundaries.