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US: SATs Are Online Before Exam

At least 5 times in past 3 years, the high school students of the United States were administered the SAT tests that involved the questions & answers that were widely available on line over a year before they took exam, shows an analysis.

Last month it was reported that the College Board had often reprocessed SATs overseas after 1st conducting the test in America & even after some of the test questions began to circulate online.

The news agencies had also reported that sometimes the organization had recycled the exams in US, including the last in Jan.

Nevertheless, the College Board has recycled the SATs more regularly than in January. It was found that the tests were also recycled in US during the special midweek sittings, on Sundays & during the makeup exams, even yet some of the questions & answers had already been discussed online.

A recent test given on April 15, for example, had previously been administered in 2013 in the month of June. A copy of that test was accessible in advance on website called, while it had been downloaded over 53,000 times.

It is uncertain that how many students took exam during sittings identified by the reports. College Board said it unable to check the number of test takers who may have seen the recycled exam material online before taking test.

Nevertheless, if even a few test-takers have seen the exam early, they may gain an unfair advantage & a superior chance to secure the coveted spots at the top universities. That leaves the college admissions officers worried about scores’ validity.

The College Board instructs the students to not disclose the test questions after taking SAT. Nevertheless, many students go online immediately in order to discuss the questions & answers.

For example, just after SAT was administered in April 2015, for example, the test-takers on the College Confidential debated creating a Google document that they could share online.

One soon did. “I’d suggest opening this link incognito!!!!!!” begins the doc. “WHAT WAS THE ABSWER TO SECTION 3 NUMBER 20?!?”

Another contributor had said the test’d been given before, in June 2013. The person delivered a link from to a copy of test.

The CrackSAT website offers the SAT practice tests calling them the “Real SAT Tests” for download.

The test-takers had concluded that “If you just read the past discussions of SAT test before you take the actual test it might be easy to cheat! I am concerned!”