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US embassy warns its citizens to avoid visiting Marriott Hotel Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The embassy of the United States (US) has delivered a cautionary to the US citizens not to visit Marriott Hotel Islamabad for the next numerous days.

One the other hand, safety of the hotel has been further stiffened with police and Rangers workers touring from place to place in the building.

An advisory dispensed by the US embassy stated that the embassy was conscious of an overall but unsupported danger against the hotel. US citizens were directed to evade the zone for the next several days to permit time to measure the condition.

US citizens are already urged to defer all non-essential travel to Pakistan. The mission reminds those US citizens considering travel to or remaining in Pakistan despite this warning to enroll in the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP), keep a trusted friend informed of your movements in country, maintain vigilant situational awareness, avoid large crowds, keep a low profile and avoid visiting locations frequented by westerners. US citizens in Pakistan are strongly urged to avoid hotels that do not apply stringent security measures.

However embassy mentions to an overall but unconfirmed danger, Marriott Hotel says fool proof security in place

 Travellers are urged to vary their times and routes when travelling anywhere in Pakistan, and to avoid travel patterns to any such locations that might allow other persons to predict when and where they will be.

“Consular services in Pakistan are available in Karachi and Islamabad. The consulates in Lahore and Peshawar are not providing consular services at this time,” it added.

It may be stated that though Marriott is measured one of the harmless hotels in the federal capital, it confronted a suicide attack in September 2008 in which over 50 people were killed and 250 others injured.

 Though we do not know why the embassy is worried and what kind of security alert it had received, we have foolproof security arrangements.

“I believe that it is a general threat which has been circulating for a few days because we talked to an embassy official but he did not disclose what the actual threat was,” he said.

“However, the government has also taken the matter seriously and enhanced the security. Currently, both the police and Rangers are patrolling around the hotel to ensure its security,” he said.

“Moreover, Marriott is the only hotel where three retired army officers having intelligence-based training and skill are working. A retired brigadier is monitoring all the security arrangements,” he maintained.